12 years of trauma

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In the last 12 years, working as a trauma specialist psychotherapist, I have seen an increase in the demand for trauma therapy. The most poignant incidents where I have supported organisations and individuals include the London 7/7 bombings (UK, July 2005); Syrian civil war (Syria, ongoing since 2011); Ebola outbreak (West Africa, from 2014); Search and Rescue refugee crisis (Mediterranean, from 2015); Nepalese earthquake (Nepal, July 2015); Westminster terrorist attack (London UK, March 2017); London Bridge terrorist attack (UK, June 2017); Brussels bombing (Belgium, March 2016); anti-government protests, Istanbul (Turkey, July 2016); Juba attacks on aid workers (South Sudan, July 2016); and the Grenfell Tower fire (London UK, June 2017).

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