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‘My aim is to offer you a tailor-made support package so you can recover from your symptoms as quickly as possible.’

Often people don’t recognise that they are suffering from the symptoms of trauma or stress.  These are far more common than is generally acknowledged and can occur after any distressing situation.  Some examples are: assault, abuse (mental or physical), being a victim of crime, bullying, harassment, acute stress, burn out, difficult work situations, road traffic accidents (RTAs), childhood developmental trauma, domestic violence, witnessing or attempting suicide, medical diagnosis, injury, being a witness of a traumatic event or military active operational duties.

It is your ‘perception’ of the event that impacts how you feel and therefore classes an event as traumatic. Symptoms of trauma may include: difficulty in sleeping, lack of concentration, memory impairment, irritation, emotional outbursts, feelings of isolation, exhaustion, preoccupation, poor diet, increase in alcohol and drug usage, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), flashbacks, lack of confidence, panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid workers are more at risk of being exposed to traumatic material, whether directly or indirectly, than ever before. This increases the risk of individual’s suffering from burnout, acute stress and traumatic stress. As a trauma specialist, I offer EMDR and TF-CBT models of therapy (recommended by NICE, WHO and APA), Psychological first aid and psychological debriefing. I offer pathways of care from, pre-, mid-, and post-deployment briefings. I have designed and delivered several training programmes including, stress and resilience building, trauma awareness and critical incident management, family liaison and sexual violence awareness.


Bullying takes place from the playground to the corporate giant. It is not widely recognised that a target of bullying can suffer from symptoms of trauma. Those who are witnesses of bullying, or form part of a team where bullying is taking place, can be impacted by the flight, fight, freeze and appease response, which impacts their behaviour and the role they take on in a threatening environment. Bullying can leave someone feeling, isolated, disempowered, anxious and depressed. It is a myth that targets of bullying are ‘weak’ individuals. Often targets of bullying can be popular or highly skilled, therefore they become targets because the bully feels threatened by them. If you have been a target of bullying or feel you have been impacted by bullying in any way please contact me.

Road Traffic Accidents

Survivors of road traffic accidents have a high risk of developing trauma symptoms and post traumatic stress disorder. Often the following legalities that take place after such incidents can make the individual feel worse. Due to the fact that incidents are sometimes classified as accidents rather than crimes, leaves the individuals with little support. If you feel I could help you with any of the above issues please contact me.

Sexual abuse & assault/Human Trafficking

These crimes fragment the core being of an individual and often leave survivors feeling shattered. The criminal system often lets survivors down and can retrigger trauma symptoms. How do you come to terms with such a violation of yourself? It is not easy, but individuals can recover. There are many specific trauma techniques that can help individuals face the most distressing memories and reduce the power that they hold. Relationships and trust can be rebuilt with the right support. If you want to speak to someone in confidence please contact me.


The high statistics for veterans that haven’t received the right help and support, turning to drugs, alcohol and living on the streets is really disturbing. It can be difficult to reach out for support due to your training, background and breakdown of family relationships. Receiving specialist help could reduce your trauma symptoms such as; nightmares, angry outbursts, feeling emotional, difficulty concentrating, feeling on edge and feeling alienated. If you would like to discuss any of the above points further please contact me.

General Counselling

I am a trauma specialist counsellor. I also work with individuals who want help with; depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, coaching and mediation. Whatever support you are looking for please feel free to call me to discuss your personal needs.

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