Terrorist attacks – information sheet

Terrorist attacks in the UK are rare, although taking into account the increase in activity recently we need to be alert and vigilant to any suspicious activity. The threat to the UK from international terrorism is currently set at ‘severe’, meaning an attack is ‘highly likely’.


Firearms officers are patrolling London’s streets in unmarked cars as part of a heightened security arrangement and the UK emergency responders, including the police, fire, military and ambulance services, have an excellent reputation for their ability to prevent and respond to a terror attack. It is difficult to prepare for this type of attack due to its random nature. Below we share some useful information to help us stay safe and healthy in the unfortunate circumstance of finding ourselves caught up in such an attack.

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Endless cycle of childhood sexual abuse

Another story of child sexual abuse hits the headlines in today’s papers. Unfortunately we will never eliminate sexual abuse from our society, but we can substantially improve the treatment of those reporting allegations and the legal process that follows. Changes can be made to our system that can reduce the number of cases and protect the innocent.

Jimmy Savile’s case has highlighted the perverse and injustice system that supposedly protects the vulnerable. The newspapers are saturated with stories of the vulnerable being abused. The witnesses that try to speak out against bad practice are condemned and silenced. It is time to change our system so that those who are brave enough to speak out are heard. We all have a part to play in enabling this to happen. We all hear and see things that make us feel uncomfortable; we all need to embrace our courage and speak out.

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