‘…The subject we worked on was a very sensitive one for me, with strands stretching back through my life to childhood, so I knew that it would be difficult to face at times. Fiona enabled me to delve into and heal this at a core level. She combines total professionalism with enormous compassion, trustworthiness and intuitiveness, creating and holding a totally safe space for you to explore and face truths about yourself, and helps you to release old beliefs and pain. She completely accepts and believes you, which has such liberating and empowering (not to mention extremely moving) effects. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Fiona to everybody. I found the results of my sessions with her to be astonishing.’
Survivor of bullying

‘Thank you for guiding me on my journey. It’s been life changing. But I’m still living – and enjoying it, doing things I never thought I’d do again.’
Survivor of a road traffic accident

‘The counselling has given me tools to cope much better in dealing with past and present relationships. I have learnt to embrace my vulnerable side and I have reduced my fear of commitment. I am very grateful and appreciate the help that I have received from Fiona. Many thanks.’
Relationship counselling

‘Counselling with Fiona has increased my self-esteem and I have gained perspective on many things. I feel more ‘normal’. I am more accepting and less critical of myself. I feel more empowered.’
Survivor of childhood sexual abuse

‘I have gained self-understanding, acceptance and self-love. I’ve learnt to accept what has happened and learnt to really take care of myself. I know myself more than ever before. I have addressed the issues and feel I have fundamentally changed.
Survivor of sexual assault

‘Brilliant! I feel much stronger and able to say how I feel, and more likely not to accept bad things anymore.’
Trauma counselling

‘Fiona has been consistent and a solid support, irrespective of my mood or dilemma. She helped me learn skills so I could ‘fix’ myself.’
Survivor of domestic violence

‘I feel more able to cope with my flashbacks and putting things in place to help. The service is really good and has really helped me out, whereas before I didn’t think I would ever get through this.’

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